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'Affordability is not as simple as mathematics, like 1+1 equals 2 not 3, where 2 is right and 3 is wrong. In design there is no right and wrong as everything is possible if technology and budget allow it to happen.'

- Hans Barwaldski, Dip.Eng. B.Arch
Senior Project Designer.

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Point of Difference

What sets Stonehenge apart from other design and building companies is a commitment to a consistent framework of distinctions that deliver outcomes for our clients that are exceptional in regard to design integrity and functionality as well as on time and on budget, for each and every project.

Here are some of the ways we achieve this:

Consistent Process

Stonehenge's process involves working with the defined attributes of Placement | Planning | Proportion (being the Three 'P's) as well as Function | Form | Finance (being the Three 'F's).

Three Ps

  • Placement - referring in this context to the best use of the land in respect to access, orientation, natural features and density.
  • Planning - referring in this context to all issues revolving around the resolution of the layouts and built form in relation to function and their compliance with planning and other regulatory considerations.
  • Proportion - referring in this context to the resolution of the external and internal form and scale of the building, considering both aesthetic expectations and town planning constraints.

Three Fs

  • Function - referring in this context to the most efficient resolution of layout and other practical aspects of using a house.
  • Form - referring in this context to the appropriate proposal of design style, material and finishes, that are related to the clients expressed expectations or suggested by the designer.
  • Finance - referring in this context to the financial frame of the budget, which the designer makes consider in the process in resolving the above mentioned aspects of design.

The Best People

The consistency of quality and service afforded to Stonehenge clients has been achieved in part by the overwhelming majority of Stonehenge's experienced and highly qualified teams of design and building specialists being with the company for more than a decade. These include:

  • Nicoletta Dimovski, B.Arch & B.Planning and Design Divisional Manager,: 18 years
  • Ljiljana Aranutovic, Interior Design Manager,: 15 years
  • Adrian Roads, Senior Project Manager, Building Division: 32 years
  • Simon Moustakas, Project Manager, Building Division: 14 years

This team is supported by many highly skilled trades people and suppliers many of whom have successfully partnered with Stonehenge for over 20 years.

Open Communication

One of Stonehenge's core philosophies is to maintain open two way communication with our clients throughout the entire process of designing and building a home or development.

This is made easier given that we provide all services under the one roof, hence our design and building division work together to deliver the best possible outcomes and communicate with you throughout the entire process. By engaging Stonehenge for your project, you will firstly attend a briefing meeting so we can fully understand your functional needs, design preferences as well as budget expectations as well as assess the opportunities and / or limitations of your land. This detail is carefully documented and assessed and delivered back to you in the form of a Reverse Brief to clarify we have accurately understood your expecations.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

The Stonehenge team understands that success of any project is in the detail. Every aspect of your home, amenities, outdoor living, fence styling and garden will be designed and documented in minute detail, right down to the placement of every light switch and powerpoint. What this means for you is that there are no 'nasty' surprises in regard to your finished home nor any features that have not been fully costed and budgetted for. We pride ourselves on delivering homes that work and people love to live in as well as delivering projects on time and on budget.

A Commitment to Excellence

With an ongoing commitment to excellence in everything we do, the Stonehenge team is constantly seeking new and better methods and products to maintain our reputation as leaders in the design and construction of premium homes and developments.